While it is possible to take the trainings offered by TRCT as stand-alone events, the most effective outcomes are achieved when there is an after-training focus on implementation, ensuring that the benefits of the training are more fully realised within programs.  While TRCT offers follow-up integration experiences for all of its trainings (e.g., school based DLE, Needs-Based Approach), the following examples provide an idea of what these might entail.

Integrating Daily Life Events into your Program

This implementation experience involves TRCT working directly with program Supervisors, either in-person or virtually, to provide support and training for direct supervision which focus on integrating The Purposeful Use of Daily Life Events into everyday life interactions in the program.  The specific details (location, frequency, etc.) will vary by program and are determined in consultation with TRCT staff. For more information contact us at info@trct.ca

Daily Life Events (DLE) training has become one of our fundamental child and youth care training experiences within HomeBridge Youth Society.  This training has helped us think differently about the work we do with young people, and how to make each moment with them meaningful and therapeutic. Through focusing on the opportunities both occurring and created in their regular daily life events, we have been able to increase and arrange greater positive, healthy change within a young person’s life.

Through Transformaction’s ‘Train the Trainer’ program, we were able to establish five internal Daily Life Events trainers, allowing us to regularly provide the Daily Life Events training to employees.  Throughout the process Thom and Andy made themselves easily accessible to answer questions, help with resource material and even provide support within our real time training. We highly recommend Daily Life Events training not only due to the quality of the training, but also the level of ongoing support we have received through Transformaction.

Ernie Hilton, MSc. CYCA
Executive Director – HomeBridge Youth Society, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Implementing Effective Healing Plans for Youth and Families

Effective Healing Plans are a dynamic, living document which require considerable practice in order to be effectively tailored to our interventions with the individual young person.  This implementation experience involves working directly with identified staff on the individual details of specific Healing Plans to ensure they are designed to be as meaningful and useful as possible.  Without this follow-up Healing Plans often simply rest in a filing cabinet with little impact on the day-to-day interactions between youth and direct care staff.  For more information contact us at info@trct.ca

Integrating the Circle of Courage into daily life in your Program

When one takes the Implementing the Circle of Courage training, staff learn numerous ways in which our programs might be structured and designed to help young people meet their needs while they are with us.  However, true integration involves having the Circle of Courage show up in all our daily interactions with staff.  This follow-up experience with supervisors and / or selected staff, focuses on keeping the Circle of Courage in the forefront of our minds as we engage with youth and families.